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Join us for the

33rd Annual Career and Education Day


Saturday, February 16, 2019  |  9am-3pm

George R. Brown Convention Center

This FREE event gives you the opportunity to meet with career professionals and learn about the steps they took to succeed. Talk to career professionals from any of the five endorsement paths:

  • Arts and Humanities   
  • Business/Industry  
  • Multidisciplinary Studies  
  • Public Service  
  • STEM  

Learn about college admission, financial aid, scholarships, and talk to college and university representatives onsite!



A full day of activities:

  • Admission and Financial Aid Plaza – that will provide valuable information on admission requirements, scholarships, top-tier colleges, and financial aid.
  • Internet Cafe – with FAFSA/DACA assistance and completion onsite
  • Middle School Program – underwriten by TDECU Credit Union – that will ignite a curiosity and interest of our younger participants.
  • Mentoring Section: #ProgramLIT (Leaders In Training) – underwritten by The Morales Memorial Foundation – talk to partnering organizations whose focus is connecting students with mentors.
  • Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief & Recovery area – connect with local organizations offering aide to families
  • Univision Parent Academy – will empower parents and loved ones to assist their student to succeed by learning about trending jobs, how to help their student develop a personal plan, and how to tap into resources, and more.
  • Exhibitors – 100+ colleges, universities, trade schools, businesses, government agencies and nonprofits talking about courses of study to be successful.
  • Newcomers Section – talk to our newly arrived, refugee, and undocumented families about local resources and guidance in the American school system.
  • Counselor Track – coaching workshops for educators to learn about the latest tools and techniques to help their students become college ready.




Groups and individual volunteers are always welcomed!

For more information visit our webpage or the flyers below:

 English Flyer {PDF}  Spanish Flyer {PDF}